So here is a little about us...

After meeting online in 2006, (credit to!), we decided to meet up in person the next day.  Phil driving up from Wexford to Heather in Roscommon.  Within two weeks of meeting, we were engaged to be married.  Heather had already been to the UK and booked the wedding venue with her parents who hadn't yet met Phil.

We married in Lincoln the following year with Kaytlyn as our gorgeous flower girl.

We bought a decent camera for our honeymoon but sitting on the Bridge over the River Kwai, we hadn't a clue how to use it.  We soon taught ourselves and a whole lot of trial and error later we were soon capturing memories that would last forever.

A relative asked us to capture their day in 2008, the rest, as they say, is history.  From a cousin's wedding, to a friend's and then to a stranger's, people started to call us from around the country.  Two more fabulous children and 300 hundred weddings later, we're still loving being part of couples' special days.

In 2012, we decided to try and help couples save money by for their wedding day opening up our pre-loved shop.  We started in a room in Clarence House in Wexford but soon burst at the seams and moved next door to 44 High Street where we now have stock for every special occasion and hold a photo studio.

We aim to be relaxed and fun loving whilst remaining professional and efficient.  Sometimes called 'chalk and cheese', we like to think we complement each other and know how special it is to capture as many moments throughout life as you can.  We especially love watching a family grow, engagement shoots, wedding, newborn, Christening or Welcome to the World and all the celebrations that come after.

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